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For the first time, Baetis Audio offers the traditional coaxial (RCA type connector) SPDIF output. We’ll still off the 75 Ohm BNC output, which we consider to be the superior connector. However, there’s no denying that the majority of DACs out there have the RCA type connector for SPDIF in preference to a BNC, or at least in addition to it. You may choose to have either output from your Baetis and no longer need to have a cable with different terminating plugs or to buy an adaptor to convert your RCA connector to a BNC one. Please let us know if you prefer the RCA coaxial output for your SPIDF instead of the BNC when we talk about your needs. Click here to get that conversation started.

Baetis Audio

Joe Makkerh is our CEO based in Montreal, the designer of our Customer Support program, and New Product Innovator.