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The Prodigy X3:
From $4800 plus options

The Prodigy LE:
From $2500 plus options

The Prodigy Series by Baetis™

Our Prodigy systems are our entry-level computers, but they are real audio powerhouses compared to the mid-range models of just a few years ago. The Intel CPUs or Ryzen APUs by AMD, coupled with faster RAM, give all of today’s Baetis models the computing power to be sonically superior to our previous offerings. The Prodigy X3 has audio wiring made exclusively for Baetis by Revelation Audio Lab’s – CuPID for Copper Prodigy Internal Digital cables. The Prodigy Limited Edition is a tiny system that incorporates our Daughterboard with a BNC or RCA SPDIF output at an entry-level price. The Prodigy X3 comes in our mid-size chassis, an therefore future upgrades can be done in a cost-effective way. The Prodigy X3 supersedes the Prodigy XV and X2 – at a lower price point. All Prodigy systems come with our proprietary Prodigy Daughterboard, which galvanically isolates the AES/EBU (Prodigy X3 only) and/or SPDIF BNC outputs while improving the shape of the digital signal on the oscilloscope, increasing amplitude, and decreasing rise time; the bottom line is you will hear the best digital sound you have ever encountered, and you will be astounded that the Revolution and Reference line of servers could possibly be even better! Like all Baetis models, Prodigy streamers are Roon Ready and can stream Tidal, Qobuz and pretty much anything really. The current Prodigy computers all also handle video and multi-channel audio smoothly, built to handle 4K HDR video with ease. Arrange a phone appointment with Joe to find out more.

“Having now had some time to really listen to the Prodigy X from ripped CDs I am very familiar with, I can truly understand the efforts and dedication of John Mingo et al to develop and continue to enhance the Baetis line of media servers. The difference from my prior media server in playback through the same equipment and AES/EBU interface […] is very, very noticeable across the spectrum (pitch, timbre, air, bloom and decay) with layers of what I now realize must have been “background” noise from the prior media server’s standard interior PC motherboard, plug-in boards, drives and power supply no longer in evidence. And my previous media server purchased direct sells for the same price as the Prodigy X, but is really no comparison in fit, finish, graphics, transport, etc.”

– J.S., Prodigy-X owner, Alaska

What makes a Baetis Prodigy sound so good?

We start with a powerful multi-core computer chip (CPU/APU), then we pick our motherboards, RAM, and the highdefinition audio codec on the motherboard very carefully. We then add our particular touches to this powerful computer that make all the difference:

  • Hyper-efficient cooling systems that are fanless and silent.
  • Proprietary circuitry that provides complete common mode noise elimination (i.e., galvanic isolation). The digital signal is delivered by an electrical current, and noise elimination is what the analog and digital industries have been wrestling with since before there were LP’s.
  • Additional isolation circuitry in our Daughterboard also does the most important things – improves the shape of the digital signal on the oscilloscope, increases amplitude, and decreases rise time.
  • Customer service that is committed to providing a euphoric listening experience for the end-user.

For more information call 1-888-357-0035