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Who We Are

The older you get, the fewer chances you have to make a difference.  We intend to make such a difference, and we don’t expect it to be either easy or of short duration.  We started studying digital “computer-based” music in 2010 and came public in early 2012.  We hope to have many more years under Joe’s leadership.

Joe Makkerh is our CEO based in Montreal, the designer of our Customer Support program, and New Product Innovator.  He personally does most Set-Up and Training sessions. Originally a research scientist in many fields such as the cell and molecular biology of cancer, arthritis and neuroscience, Joe did an MBA 23 years after getting his PhD from Cambridge University and took over Baetis in late 2017. He had been working with Baetis since 2014 in customer support and sales. Joe is also a videophile, who is always looking to produce the ultimate media computer, without audio or video compromise.

John Mingo, the original founder of Baetis, continues to live and work in Livingston, Montana.  There, we have our reference listening systems, which include several DACs for 2-channel, such as Berkeley™ Reference Series 1 and Series 2 and the T+A™ DAC 8 DSD. John still does most of the “auditioning” of computer parts and Baetis proprietary circuitry such as our daughterboard.  This is because he has the best audiophile equipment at his place.  John’s rooms are also where any prospective client can fly to, in order to listen to the very best in 2-channel as well as MCh music. John is semi-retired, but still has helpful and blunt advice for the young blood. He has had a very interesting, accomplished life so far, and we want him to publish an autobiography!

Peter Astley has had a dual role as our business systems adviser and our system builder. He has an eye for detail, improvement of product and marketing design and innovating.

JP is our case modification person. He is an engineer by training.

Brian W. our intern extraordinaire for summer 2019. Among other things, Brian has helped us develop an add-on product that will bring 4K HDR video capability to any existing Baetis. He’s a keeper, and we hope to be associated with him for some time to come.

These key personnel are assisted by the companies that build our special cryo-silver internal cabling, our special non-PCI-bus USB output circuitry, and our special linear power supplies – Revelation Audio Labs™, SOtM™, and HD-Plex™. So, we use interior signal cabling, external DC cabling, internal USB common-mode-noise reduction circuitry, and the lowest-noise-possible EXTERNAL DC linear power supplies from these other companies.  This cryogenic silver digital wiring is in all our Reference models, and the special USB treatment and linear PSUs are available as options on our other models as well.  The objective is always the same – no matter what DAC or MCh pre/pro you have, no matter which is your preferred input to that DAC, we can provide the very best digital audio result. We also get cryo treatment by TakeFive Audio of our copper cabling for our Revolution line of servers. Thank you, Brad, Larry, May and Gene.

Besides having good people and knowing when to use another company’s product, we also have a group of friends and colleagues – real experts that believe in what we are trying to do and provide us with ideas and critical listening.

Our business plan is simple:

  • Keep building the best and let our customers tell us if we are doing it right.
  • Provide the very best support.
  • Recommend and make systems that are right for you, without unethical “upselling”.

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