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The Reference 3B:
From $13 000 plus options

The Reference X3:
From $10 000 plus options

The Reference Series by Baetis™

If you are a no-compromise audiophile, the Reference series is for you. Our Reference line wins The Absolute Sound and Stereophile accolades year after year. They are essential components of the best-rated rooms at audio shows, including Axpona and Montreal 2019. Like all our systems, they are full-fledged Windows computers. We chose this route because of the flexibility it offers – the ability to run any new software, or stream the latest and greatest internet media service. We also know our systems sound better than any DAC’s built-in streamer, including when we connect the Baetis to that very same DAC!

Some of our reviewers and customers have been confirmed “analog men” – dedicated to playing LP records on a very expensive turntable. Even some of these folks now agree that, done right like Baetis does it, the audiophile computer has reached the cutting edge of music reproduction. Our Reference series sets the standard of that pinnacle.

At Baetis, when we engage in a conversation with you, we want to know what your entire system has in it. Then we help you choose a Baetis model, and when you purchase it, we configure the software just for your system. No one else in high-end audio or video does this.

“The Baetis systems have been way more than I thought possible and have almost relegated my precious vinyl collection to the resale bins… I have never heard digital so good… (In fact using the words in the same sentence was an oxymoron in my previous views…).”

David Farrow BC – Canada

What makes a Baetis Reference sound so good?

We start with a powerful multi-core computer chip (CPU/APU), then we pick our motherboards, RAM, and the high-definition audio codec on the motherboard very carefully. We then add our particular touches to this powerful computer that make all the difference:

  • The very best in cooling systems that are as quiet as a fanless music server.
  • Proprietary circuitry that provides complete common mode noise elimination (i.e., galvanic isolation). The digital signal is delivered by an electrical current, and noise elimination is what the analog and digital industries have been wrestling with since before there were LP’s. If an “expert” says “it’s all 0’s and 1’s, so all computers sound the same,” they don’t know what they are talking about.
  • Additional isolation circuitry in our Daughterboard also does the most important things – improves the shape of the digital signal on the oscilloscope, increases amplitude, and decreases rise time.
  • We partner with the best in the industry to give our systems the additional edge that audiophiles merit, such as linear power supplies from HD-Plex, cryo-silver cabling from Revelation Audio Labs and unmatched USB output quality from SotM.
  • Customer service that is committed to providing a euphoric listening experience for the end-user.

For more information call 1-888-357-0035