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The Revolution X3:
From $6200 plus options

The Revolution Series by Baetis™

Our stunning Revolution X3 system continues to use the highest-end Reference series’ AES and BNC Daughterboard that put Baetis on the audiophile map. These are connected with copper digital audio cables from Revelation Audio Labs that are then cryo-treated especially for the Revolution systems. The Revolution  X3 comes in our mid-size “X” case, which allows easy future upgrades. It offers several options for upgrading too. The Revolution X3 reproduces sweet, clear music that astounds; it does all this and adds 4K UHD video playback as a capability on top.


“I can’t say enough about the quality of products as well as the stellar service after the sale.” – Gary Andreoletti, Revolution III – Colorado

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What makes a Baetis Revolution sound so good?

We start with a powerful multi-core computer chip (CPU/APU), then we pick our motherboards, RAM, and the high-definition audio codec on the motherboard very carefully. We then add our particular touches to this powerful computer that make all the difference:

  • Hyper-efficient cooling systems The Revolution X3 uses our passive cooling system, resulting in a fanless, silent unit.
  • Proprietary circuitry that provides complete common mode noise elimination (i.e., galvanic isolation). The digital signal is delivered by an electrical current, and noise elimination is what the analog and digital industries have been wrestling with since before there were LP’s.
  • Additional isolation circuitry in our Daughterboard also does the most important things – improves the shape of the digital signal on the oscilloscope, increases amplitude, and decreases rise time.
  • Customer service that is committed to providing a euphoric listening experience for the end-user.

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