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Many of our customers upgrade to a newer Baetis system after a few years. We get some of their older units back, check them, replace anything that needs fixing, update the software and prep them for resale. This process allows customers on a very limited budget to get a great deal. Sometimes there may be cosmetic imperfections, but we do our best to communicate these. We can also upgrade the interior of some of these older systems to make a custom model that is more up to date. For example, we could take an older XR3 model and retrofit the chassis with the components from a Reference 2. The resulting system is sonically the same as the Reference 2, but may come in our older styling, for a significant saving over the newer Baetis. The refurbished systems come with a one year warranty and 5 hours of phone support.

This page will be updated as we get new items for refurbishing.

Currently available Refurbished Baetis servers (photos coming soon):

For details on any of the above models, and to discuss which might be best for your needs, email us to arrange a phone conversation.

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