The Prodigy Series by Baetis™


The Prodigy series of media/music servers represents our efforts at bringing the most advanced technology in media reproduction to a more accessible price point. If you are an audiophile or videophile with good speakers and other components, but less than a world-class budget, you will find a Prodigy model to fit that budget and provide better audio (two-channels or multi-channel) than any other "streamer", "server", "player" or computer made (except for our own Baetis™ series).

Do you want to listen to high-definition 2-channel audio, or streamed music, or watch and listen to streamed high-definition video such as concerts or movies from Netflix, Amazon, etc? Or do you want to rip CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs, preserve the media on hard drives, and back them up for when a drive fails? And do you want to listen and watch with significantly better audio sound and video quality than over your Apple™ TV box or your Apple Mac™ computer? Or your high-dollar universal disc player? Or your DIY computer or Dell laptop? Or your brand-name music server that costs way more than a Prodigy?

We build media/music servers/streamers that start with a powerful Intel-chip-based multi-core computer. We provide special cooling systems that are totally quiet. We also provide our proprietary circuit boards that improve the audio signals coming from the motherboard. We install or help you install special software that can rip more kinds of discs than any other server, and our software can play ANY audio format in as many channels as you have speakers. The audio – 2-channel or 8 channel or more – is the best anywhere at any price. The video quality, also in ANY format, is as good as or better than the most expensive disc players. CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays can be ripped by the Prodigy and stored on easily managed external hard drives or Network-Attached Storage (NAS). Back-up drives are used, then placed in a closet to forget them – until a regular storage drive fails (as all drives will, it is just a matter of when).

SACDs can be ripped professionally and played on the Prodigy, or high definition Direct Stream Digital (DSD) files can be purchased and downloaded, in ANY DSD format.

Video quality, meanwhile, includes 4k (specifically 4096 x 2160 at 24hz) or 2560 x 1600 at 60hz, and, of course, 1080p. And you don’t have to wait several minutes for the disc to cycle through all the trailers (advertisements) if you don’t want to. No Blu-ray player provides higher video quality at any price. And none can match our 2-channel or multi-channel audio quality.

Many users will buy the Prodigy just for its streaming capabilities. It streams ANYTHING – Tidal™, Spotify™, Pandora™, Netflix™ movies, Amazon™ Movies – anything that is available on the internet. But the audio and video quality will exceed any of the other devices, many of which are set up to stream just 4 or 5 services. None of these boxes do, for example, the Berlin Philharmonic Digital Music Hall one day or an NFL game the next.

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, the computer media revolution has been going on since 1983, and in the past few years, the advancements in computer technology have been massive, along with improvements in ripping, playing, transcoding, and media management software. Despite all the advancements in smartphone, tablets, etc., the PC itself has made giant leaps. If it can be done, a Baetis Prodigy can do it. At quality levels that are exceeded only by the Baetis servers themselves. But the lower-priced Prodigy models can do EVERYTHING that a Baetis can – and if your system is modest, the differences in audio and video quality between a Baetis and a Prodigy will not likely be detectable. Whatever you want to call it – streamer, player, server, computer, or HTPC – the Prodigy series is the highest value to price ratio in the industry.

But isn’t it difficult to learn all this new software? Probably, if you try to do it on your own. But every Prodigy computer comes with our highly praised Mastering Digital Audio™ training and customer support. This support is provided by telephone simultaneously while the Baetis tech person is connected to your Prodigy or Baetis computer via the internet. We show you how to properly hook up the Prodigy to the rest of your system, advise on optimal cabling, etc. Then we show you how to move the cursor on the screen to achieve ANY objective – ripping any disc, playing the stored media file, choosing the settings to maximize audio and video quality for your particular system, including transcoding DSD files to WAV files on the fly if you want to (for your particular DAC or pre/pro or receiver). The typical set-up and training session takes 90 minutes and you don’t have to read a manual if you don’t want to. Yes, there is greater complexity than your current streamer box, but this is the ONLY way to achieve best possible audio and video quality, while being able to take advantage of ANY new internet-based or disc-based media offering. We even watch as you move the cursor on the screen to do it yourself – THIS is the way to learn, not simply reading a manual and hoping you got it right.

This is the world of Baetis -- and the Prodigy series is designed to bring more main-stream listeners and viewers into this process than any other new product. Disk players, whether single disk or carousel-based players, can NOT provide the audio/video quality of the Prodigy, and we can prove it via our 15-day trial period. You pay shipping both ways if you decide not to keep the Prodigy (no, we don’t have very many returns).

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