The Baetis® Home Theater products

Because of our focus on the best stereo and multi-channel audio, the Prodigy and Reference models that we sell are a step apart from the competition. If you are looking for a media server for your home theater room, then any one of our models would be able to provide any service you need for video and audio. But the quality of our audio output will beat that of any universal disc player no matter the price.

Instead of spending $1200 or more on the disc player, our servers are real computers at their heart – so they provide you with way more capabilities than any disc player or even most other media servers:

  1. All Prodigy/Reference models can rip CDs, and make perfect, playable backups of DVD and Blu-Ray video discs. You need a separate computer to do this with other media servers. And those separate computers typically have very cheap Blu-ray optical drives. Further, the video quality of rips done with our computers equals that of the discs, while the audio quality EXCEEDS that of the disc. If your local A/V dealer is telling you that a rip, at best, can just equal the quality of the disc, this is because he has not studied the revolution in computer-based high-end A/V deliverance.
    1. A rip of a CD does not just "copy" what’s on the disc. The rip, if the proper software is used, transcodes (“converts”) the computer file that is on the disc back to the type of computer file that was used to manufacture the disc. The resulting computer file is better than the underlying disc. You must hear this yourself to appreciate it.
    2. When delivering the digital signal to your multi-channel pre/pro (or two-channel DAC), the signal is essentially an electrical signal – and all electrical signals suffer from common-mode-noise. Only the Reference line of media servers are designed to minimize such common-mode-noise. This is not factored, or even known by those who say "It is all zeros and ones, therefore all computers sound the same" – well, we’d advise dumping him immediately.
  2. The graphical user interface – i.e., the ease of use – is far better on a Baetis/Prodigy media server than on any disc player. With the disc player, you first hunt for the disc somewhere in your storage shelves, then insert the disc in the player, then wait for numerous advertisements to be seen, before you actually see the movie or concert. With the rip of the Blu-ray or DVD, you simply view your media library on your large screen in your home theater room, then click on your choice, and away you go.
  3. The library of media is kept on inexpensive external drives rather than internal drives that, when they fail, are very expensive to replace. All drives WILL fail, sooner or later, so the Baetis method for storing and backing-up your media is much less expensive and much easier to maintain. All our servers now have at least 6 USB3.0 ports (some have 8). Today, external drives with 8T of storage are available for less than $250 each. When your library of Blu-ray movies or concerts gets to 48T, let us know and we’ll assist you in setting up Network-Attached-Storage. But, right now, when you are starting out, investing in a NAS does not make monetary sense (and such NAS units often involve software that is somewhat "hinky" to use). All of our models come with a "starter" external storage drive that goes up to 8T depending on model(or as an option).
  4. The modern computer, which is at the heart of any Baetis unit, can stream audio and video from ANY site in the world, not just a select few. For example, a famous universal disc player can stream Tidal™, Pandora™, Spotify™, and the Berlin Philharmonic™ digital concerts – but not an NFL game or, at the other extreme of today’s popular culture, the New York Met Opera.
  5. Finally, to obtain the very best audio and video quality from any backup "rip" of any disc – including professionally ripped SACDs – the ripping and playing software must be the best available. The very best software is NOT the proprietary software included in any brand of disc player or media server. This is because such proprietary software is designed to be "easy to use" not full-featured. As a result, such proprietary software often fails to have certain very important features – such as the Ultra-Secure Accurate Rip™ feature of the dBPoweramp™ CD ripping software. In Blu-ray ripping, the Makemkv™ ripping software has the best audio; other software programs are hinky AND sometimes fail to perfectly rip video.

    If you want to have the very best software, it follows that the software should be played on the Windows™ OS (Operating System), not on the Apple™ OS. Sorry, Apple fans, but this is because Apple does not offer a truly "open" system -- a) certain hardware configurations, such as the use of AES for two-channel audio are unavailable on a Mac, and b) the very best software may not have all its features available for a Mac. For example, only the JRiver playing software plays ALL formats of audio, and ALL formats of video. JRiver can transcode, on the fly or before hand, any DSD audio file into PCM (WAV). Typically, such a transcoded DSD file sounds better than the DSD file played via DoP (DSD over PCM via a USB port). Plus, a Baetis computer, because it is a real computer, can support Dirac™ Live digital room correction software, which we can help you install.

The science of modern computer-based media servers is complex and that is why the vast majority of A/V dealers stick with the selling of "appliances" that you plug in and forget. For video, such brands include Kaleidescape™ for an A/V server; for 2-channel (stereo) music, there are numerous brands of music server that are decent, but none have the epitome of AES and USB outputs that we offer. But these servers with proprietary software are MUCH less future-proof than a Baetis model. The software (called Firmware) is updated only infrequently and updates are, well, not quite automatic. And, Baetis/Prodigy computers are designed to sound better in 2-channel music than ANY other music server, and our computers are designed to sound better in multi-channel audio than any other server. The JRiver playing software makes HD video and even 3D video perform wonderfully.

But doesn't this require knowledge of how to use a computer? Answer: Sure – but the training process is not nearly so complex as these A/V dealers would have you think (nor are our margins anywhere near as high as what those dealers make on other brands with proprietary software). If you want the best sound, the best video, the greatest flexibility, then you should learn about our highly-rated customer training and support services which come bundled with every Reference or Prodigy model we sell. Most of our customers – whether 2-channel "audiophile" or Home Theater "videophile" – learn all the basics during the 90-minute set-up session. After that, a couple of remote-control sessions answers any lingering question. During these remote sessions, our expert talks with you on the phone while showing you how to achieve all the things you want or need to be able to do. The larger the screen the easier the process – creating a backup of, then playing, a movie or concert on a 100” projection screen VERY quickly teaches you in a way that no written manual every could. Yes, of course we can provide the manuals – but very few people ever read them or ever need to.

This is what Baetis is all about – the very best hardware, the very best software, and the very best training and support. We have media server models that range from a retail of $2750 all the way to $15,000+. Our more expensive models are aimed at customers that have one of the best 2-channel DACs in the world ($20k and up) and speakers that are even more expensive, within (or not within) a world-class home theater set-up. The difference in prices across models has to do with hardware features – such as AES versus SPDIF for 2-channel; or the quality of the HDMI outputs for video and audio; or the number of outputs and the speed of RAM, CPU's s etc. Most recently we have added the best USB outputs you will hear either as standard or as options on all our models. Almost all Baetis/Prodigy models perform to produce noticeably improved audio and/or video.

Call us or e-mail us today to discuss your current system, or your dreams for a future system. We’ll help you choose a Baetis model, and we’ll help with EVERY aspect of home theater; and we can easily work with your local A/V dealer on Baetis products. Our Reference products are sold via a select few dealers and online; our Prodigy models are available only online. Talk with your local dealer about getting in a Reference model for audition.

Because we spend so much time and money on auditioning lots of DACs and multi-channel pre/pros, we now SELL more digital audio and video products than just the best media computers. Please look here for our growing collection of products that connect to our Baetis/Prodigy line of media servers.

Our 15-day money-back guarantee allows you to hear and see the difference in your own home theater room – the very best way to AUDITION and learn. To hear more, please e-mail or call

Joe Makkerh

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