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At Baetis, we have certain views of what sounds best – DACs, cables, and, of course, computers/servers.  However, these views are not universal – audiophiles are noted for their subjectivity (which we applaud).  For this reason, we have formed a Custom Shop that can handle many designs and builds of a computer/server that you may have in mind.

This service would be used typically by someone who is not in a position, from a time or skills standpoint, to complete a Do-It-Yourself project.  Or, you may like one of our models but want something in addition to the standard equipment.  For a modification to one of our standard Baetis models we would simply charge you for the extra parts plus labor.  For a build that does not begin with a standard model, we would charge you for parts and labor, plus a mark-up to cover our average overhead costs, including back-office expenses, plus a return to equity.  Typically, a Custom Shop model would probably be > $7k in final price.

Special USB outputs.  We regard some DACs as USB-centric  –  they simply sound the best via sending audio via their USB input (but their AES inputs do not sound as good as other DAC’s AES inputs).  If you own such a DAC and you are really happy with it, then you might want us to install a special USB output-card for you.  After extensive testing we have singled out the best-we-have-ever-heard USB card:

The SotM™ USBhubIN card, which includes, in our installations, an internal SotM clock board.  These boards are powered via external 9V power by iFi™.  Critically, the SotM USBhubIN card is NOT connected via PCI-bus, but straight to the motherboard, thus eliminating a lot of common-mode noise.

There are even multi-channel USB DACs now (such as the Exasound™ e28).  You might simply want us to take one of our Prodigy or Reference models and add on the SOtM cards for use with such a DAC.  There is enough room within our Prodigy X or Reference chassis to easily do this, while also maintaining our highly reviewed AES and SPDIF outputs coming from our proprietary daughter-board.  Later, you might want to audition an AES-centric DAC to compare to your current USB-centric DAC.

Upgrades to existing Baetis models.  Still another Custom Shop build is to provide UPGRADES for Reference/Prodigy models:

  1. The XR3 models can be upgraded to AES for a flat charge of $895.  Prodigy models can be upgraded to AES for a flat charge of $600.
  2. Any Baetis Reference model can be upgraded to what we call the “S” model – the MB, CPU, and RAM remain unchanged but the critical internal wiring is upgraded to Revelation™ Audio Labs cryo-treated pure silver wires with double EMI shielding.  This includes the internal DC cabling and the internal SPDIF and AES cabling (SPDIF from the MB to the daughter-board, plus SPDIF cable from the daughter-board to the external SPDIF-BNC connector, plus AES cable from the daughterboard to the external AES connector). Add to this one of the new HD-Plex PSUs with the Revelation™ Audio Labs DC cable, also cryo-treated silver (from the PSU to the chassis of the computer.  Total upgrade charge is $5,670.
  3. Any original Baetis Reference or XR3 can be upgraded to the Reference 2 for a fixed price of $10470, or $8970 without the SOTM USB optoins. This includes changing almost everything except for the physical chassis itself.

Other additional features.   For example, some audiophiles believe that audio sounds better when played from an internal, very large Solid State Drive (SSD).  We do not find this to be true during our own auditions, primarily because all audio (or video) in a Baetis is played through RAM (and is buffered in RAM before playing even begins).  But a very few experts do have better systems than we do, so they may hear something different to what we hear.  Moreover, the design of other music servers makes a big deal of internal drives.  While our servers are designed to have external drives attached (up to 6 USB3.0 drives at 8T each), we can easily accommodate your desire to have one to three very large Solid State Drives installed on any Reference Baetis (due to the very large chassis).  Current size limits on internal SSD are 4T.  These internal SSDs would be based on cost plus labor for installation.

Our Baetis™ Reference Custom Shop was started with you in mind. You and your customer know the unique features of the room that is being completed or upgraded. At Baetis, we have extensive experience with all the major high-end brands of pre/pro, including Anthem™ , Classe™ , Datasat™ , McIntosh™ , Theta™ , Trinnov™ and others. Some of these pre/pros have shortcomings with respect to 2-channel audio versus MCh audio that we know how to overcome. Additionally, with the recent difficulties associated with the Kaleidescape™ line of Blu-ray servers, our Home Theater PCs ("HTPCs") represent the future of this business, we believe. Indeed, we are the only high-end media server that is licensed by One-Blue™ to provide Blu-ray optical drives within our servers. Also, new for 2018 Baetis offers adding your 4K videos to your library, via an off-board UHD reading Blu-ray drive. Joe can show you how to do this via our award-winning training sessions.

Please talk with us about this fascinating new arena for the ripping and playing of every kind of audio or audio/video disc.  Only the Baetis line of media servers a) handle all possible types of audio and video, b) can run Dirac™ Live room correction software (which we can help you install), plus c) have the VERY best two-channel audio playing to the world’s best DACs (with or without DSP), through our proprietary AES daughterboard or our Baetis-cryo-cabled SOtM USBhubIN cards.  Coupled with our award-winning Mastering Digital Audio (MDA™) customer training and support, you should be listening to and watching a Baetis right now.

Consumers, A/V dealers or integrators: E-mail Joe at, or call him at 1-888-357-0035 to discuss your needs and get started.

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