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If you are a true audiophile, you probably own a VERY good 2-channel audio system – with expensive speakers, amplifiers, cables, etc. You have probably read about the revolution in audio called "audiophile computers". The key issue in the development of computer audio is that the “original CD” was manufactured from an “original computer file” known as PCM (Pulse Code Modulation), usually in WAV format. The CD was then manufactured using this truly original computer file. A computer using the very best software does not COPY that CD. Rather, the computer actually converts the computer file on the disc back to the original WAV computer file. This file can, potentially, sound VERY much better than the disc (which can only be played on a spinning transport called a CD player or universal disc player).

Some of our reviewers have been confirmed "analog men" – dedicated to playing LP records on a very expensive turntable. Even some of these folks now agree that, done right, the audiophile computer is now at the cutting edge of music reproduction.

Moreover, only Baetis computers/servers will allow the Home Theater enthusiast to hear the very best audio in 2-channels all the way up to 13 channels.

How do we do it? We start with a powerful multi-core Intel computer chip (CPU), then we pick our motherboards, RAM, and the high-definition audio codec on the motherboard very carefully. We then add certain things to this powerful computer that make all the difference.

First, we provide the very best in cooling systems that are as quiet as a fanless music server. Link to FAQs section on noise.

Next, we add proprietary circuitry that provides complete common mode noise elimination (i.e., galvanic isolation). For those of you who think “it is all zeroes and ones, therefore all computers sound the same” …. well those 0’s and 1’s are delivered by an electrical current, and noise elimination is what the analog and digital industries have been wrestling with since before there were LP’s. If your dealer says "it's all 0's and 1's, all computers sound the same" – dump him.

Third, the additional isolation circuitry in our "daughterboard" also does the most important things – improves the shape of the digital signal on the oscilloscope, increases amplitude, and decreases rise time.

At Baetis, when we engage in a conversation with you, we want to know what your entire system has in it. Then we help you choose a Baetis model, and when you purchase it, we configure the software just for your system. No one else in high-end audio or video does this. For details on the Baetis methodology, see our page on: What makes Baetis media servers special or simply click on one of our models to read about Features and Specifications.

Read. Learn. Question. And above all, Audition.

Our model line-up has changed. Here's our new lineup.

Baetis Reference X


Baetis Reference 2