Our new SOtM™ USB ports do NOT use a PCI-bus

Baetis™ Audio manufactures what some regard as the very best music and media servers (computers). If you think this sounds arrogant, please read our reviews.

If you are a 2-channel audiophile who loves music but you are not interested in multi-channel music or video, then please know that the Baetis music servers were designed to provide the best in 2-channel digital music across all formats, including PCM, DSD, MQA and from all sources. Some hard-core analog music lovers have even come to the conclusion that now is the time to switch to digital. No other music server has all these capabilites.

But Baetis computers also do multi-channel music and video (movies) up to and including 4K. No matter your passion for audio or video please know that if you are now playing your music (or your movies) via a CD/SACD/Blu-ray disc player, you are missing out on MUCH better audio quality and video quality than resides on that spinning disc. And you are missing out on MANY more sources for your music and your movies than you can now access. The Baetis line of media computers have NO restrictions on audio format, video format, downloading sites, or streaming sites – NONE.

If you are already using a Mac-mini™, Macbook™ Pro, or Windows™ Home Theater PC ("HTPC") – you will be amazed at the quality improvements our media computers bring to your system. If you are a 2-channel audiophile, please know that your Mac’s USB port is a decade behind the times – get over it and move forward. You owe it to yourself to --

READ. LEARN. QUESTION.   ...and most of all, AUDITION.

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