Introducing the Baetis™ Reference X Model $9,990

The Reference X now comes with a Core-i7, 7th generation, Intel™ CPU and motherboard. Faster is always better for multi-channel audio and video.



The new Reference X music server started out as a way to marry the MCh and Video capabilities of the Prodigy X to the 2-Channel capabilities of the Reference and Reference 2 models. In early 2018, however, we added features to the Reference X that significantly improved both 2Ch and MCh audio over that of the Prodigy X or Reference models.

  • A CPU that is 10% faster; RAM that is 35% faster than the Reference; this Core i7 CPU is optional on the Prodigy X.
  • New internal cabling connecting the HD audio codec to the daughterboard, and the daughterboard to the external AES and SPDIF connectors.  This cabling is made specially for Baetis by Revelation Audio Labs (RAL) and is cryo-treated 5N pure silver.  This cabling results from recent research dealing with the specific brand and model of SPDIF to AES transformer we use on our daughterboard.
  • A completely new AC/DC converter (external, of course).  This 400W PSU, made by HD-Plex™ for us, with Neutrik™ XLR outputs, is linear and has probably the lowest ripple/noise in existence.
  • A completely new DC cable (“umbilical cord”) to go from the PSU to the Neutrik™ PowerCon DC connector on the Baetis.  This cable is also made for us by Revelation Audio Labs and is also cryo-treated 5N pure silver with better shielding.
  • As an option, a completely new set of USB outputs from SOtM™, with separate internal clock board, and with cryo-treated pure silver cabling from a USB header on the MB to the USB board.  Only the Reference models have this pure silver internal USB cable, again by Revelation Audio Labs.  The Prodigy models use a cryo-treated copper internal USB cable.
  • All internal cabling in the Reference X, including internal DC distribution cables and even SATA cables are cryo-treated.

The result is better than the original Reference even if you have a very modest DAC; but it is quite the best 2-channel audio we have every heard with something the quality of, say, a Berkeley Reference Series DAC Series 2 (we have one of these in each of our 2 reference rooms), or DACs by dCS™ or LightHarmonic™, or other top-of-the-world DACs.  The Reference X has the same HD Audio Codec as the Prodigy X and, therefore, for 2Ch audio, some audiophiles will prefer the Reference 2 over the Reference X.  Also, for either Baetis Reference model, the SOtM USB process is necessary for hi-def DSD up to DSD512 (we use T+A™ DACs to play native DSD in our reference rooms).  Only on a Baetis Reference X or Reference 2 are the internal cables cryo-treated, including cryo-treated 5N pure silver cables connecting the MB SPDIF header to our proprietary SPDIF and AES daughterboard; same thing with the cables connecting the USB header to the SOtM USB board and clock board. 

If you have one of the finest audio systems in the world, and especially if you are a classical music fan, then you should definitely consider the Baetis Reference 2 model.  While it is a decent investment, we can also upgrade many of the parts in the future at a lower price than buying new, thereby making the Reference 2 more future-proof than competitive brands of music server.

A telling point with the new Reference X and 2 models is that these are the first computers we have built that have a significant “burn in” period beyond the 3 days a Baetis computer normally spends on one of our benches.  At least 100 hours of burn-in is required for the sound to become really life-like.  And the sound will continue to improve over the next 6 months of its life.  You will love it.