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"New Directions in Audiophile Computers" by John Mingo

California Audio Show 2014 2014 the absolute sound Editors' Choice Awards


Baetis Reference Media Server

Baetis Reference Media Server

INTRODUCING the Baetis Reference Media Server – the world’s only 4-core media computer with a dedicated, galvanically isolated, and fully shielded AES/EBU output straight off the motherboard using no PCI card!! Specifically designed for the world’s very best DACs. You must hear the difference if you are a dealer or owner of a dCS®, CH Precision®, Berkeley Reference®, EMM DAC2X®, Esoteric D-02®, Light Harmonic®, MSB Diamond®, Audio Research Reference®, or DAC of similar quality.

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The Baetis Revolution II $2,995

Batis Revolution II

The Baetis Revolution has the very best digital audio for 2-channel audiophile systems via the industry's only galvanically isolated, dedicated SPDIF connection, right on the motherboard. Because it is a true computer, it can rip as well as play almost all audio and video formats, including CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs. Even ripped or downloaded SACDs can be played in native DSD format, or converted to PCM if your DAC does not handle native DSD.

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The Baetis XR2$4,995

The Batis XR2

The Baetis® XR2 is designed for the most discriminating Home Theater applications, utilizing Intel's 4th generation HD graphics engine and Core i7 processor. It retains the critical audiophile features of the Revolution II, including the best-sounding 2-channel digital signal over the industry’s only galvanically-isolated, dedicated SPDIF output. The XR2 also has 2 HDMI outputs, both protected with special EMI/RFI-reduction material – one for highest definition video, one for multi-channel output to play any format including DTS-HD® Master and Dolby Digital TrueHD®, with or without DSP, and with or without the computer doing the transcoding to PCM.

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Why we are better

Why our computers are the best servers

Every manufacturer makes this claim and the only way to prove it is by auditioning a high-end audiophile or videophile component within your own system. First, only on a true Windows® PC will you be able to play the best version of JRiver® Media Center software, the acknowledged leader in audiophile/videophile quality (parenthetically, a PC is a true open system, the most easily upgradeable, unlike a Mac or a computer using proprietary software). Second, among the audiophile computers, only ours has a special galvanically isolated, dedicated SPDIF output. Third, we live by our customer service – if it is not the best, by a wide margin, then we have not met our business objectives.

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USP versus USB

Computer audiophile experts will typically say that "USB is the best 2-channel sound out of a PC". This is true for all of the factory laptops that many audiophiles use. It is also true for some of the highest-end custom or do-it-yourself builds. But USB is NOT the very best 2-channel digital output. Our isolated, dedicated, SPDIF connection straight off its own header on the motherboard IS the best, by a series of a-b tests that we have performed. We call our SPDIF connection USP (for Ultra-Short signal Path).

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DACs and DSD – A Primer

Today, it seems that every audiophile wants to have a DAC that plays "native DSD". DSD refers to the native format within SACDs. DSD computer files can be obtained by professional ripping of SACDs or by downloading DSD files from the new websites that provide such services.

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"By far, the XR2's (special) S/PDIF output produced the best two-channel sound over every DAC I tried, and at all resolutions from 16/44.1 through 24/192 and DoP (DSD over PCM)." "And many will point to all the elegant, fully packaged, fully integrated servers on the market, many of which have received rave reviews from Stereophile…..but none of them can do multi-channel – and I doubt any can do S/PDIF better than Baetis Audio’s XR2 Media Server."
Kalman Rubinson, Stereophile, September, 2014, pp. 61-65
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Quotes from Sound & Vision review article of 6/12/2014:

"I consider my reference audio system to be quite good, with spectacular resolution, detail and depth, but the Baetis combined with the Alpha DAC did take fine detail and spatial resolution to another level."

"All of the presets delivered on the promise of the best possible sound; this was the best I've heard my system sound to date."
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"...I’ve now been living with this unit for about 3 months and I can tell you it has changed the way I listen to music..."
M.W., Kansas

"...the customer service is even beyond that of the music quality..."
W.A., Arizona

"The server works perfectly; it is a real upgrade from (the) 6k$ Naim CD player!"
M.B., Quebec

"...the best digital sound I have ever heard in my system."
Andrew Quint, The Absolute Sound, issue 240, February, 2014
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Berkeley Audio Design DACs

Baetis is pleased to announce we are an authorized Berkeley Audio Design re-seller. Our specialty is the Front-End of world-class audio systems, and Berkeley DACs, including the Series 2 Alpha DAC and the new Reference Series Alpha DAC, consistently outperform every DAC out there, including the "DSD-capable" DAC’s.

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